Coalition for Paper Options


Coalition for Paper Options is a coalition working to ensure citizen access to paper-based versions of important government documents and records. With almost 30 percent of U.S. households not online, consumers need to be able to count on access to paper versions of important documents.


Coalition for Paper Options is a group of individuals and organizations who believe paper-based communications are critically important for millions of Americans, especially those who are not yet part of the online community. While regulated entities and governments at every level need to streamline services, cut costs and improve efficiencies, preserving paper-based options for information and essential services for those who need or want them should remain a crucial priority. Our goal is to preserve access to information in a way that neither hinders the natural evolution of technology nor discriminates against those who may not or cannot use it. Getting this policy right would be a positive and empowering way to bridge the digital divide and achieve important efficiency improvements while avoiding shifting extra cost burdens to consumers who can least afford them.

Contact Details

John Runyan, Executive Director, Coalition for Paper Options, 8 E St.SE, Washington, DC 20003