Testimonials from Two Sides Members

David McGehee, President, MacPapers

“We are in the communication business and, quite frankly, have done a poor job of communicating our industry’s environmental benefits. Given the success of Two Sides in Europe, we are excited to be early adopters of the U.S. initiative.”

Mark Gardner, President & CEO, Sappi Fine Paper North America

"As a founding member of Two Sides U.S., we are pleased to join this coalition as part of our commitment to using a fact and science based approach to dispel environmental myths about paper. Our industry has a great environmental story to tell, as paper is recyclable and is made from renewable resources using a high percentage of renewable energy."

Julie Schertell, President, Fine Paper, Neenah Paper, Inc.

“Two Sides provides a platform, a voice to dispel paper myths and legends, while using science to support facts and solutions. We are excited to join this voice and bring the conversation to our print and creative customers. It’s time to clearly communicate the sustainable value of print in today’s media mix.”

Sandra Van Ert, CEO & President, Appleton Coated

"Appleton Coated has joined Two Sides because we believe it can effectively tell the important story of how sustainable and environmentally responsible the U.S. paper and print industry has been. Their approach, to address head-on the uninformed and inaccurate messages about our industry with factual and straightforward information, is exactly what we need."

John R. Taylor III, Chairman of the Board/CEO, Olmsted-Kirk Paper Company

“As an industry, we have been behind the curve with promoting the positive environmental story of paper and print.  With Two Sides U.S., our industry will have a vehicle to dispel the myths and educate people as to the facts supporting the sustainability value of paper.  Two Sides in Europe has been a success for our industry abroad and we are excited to have this voice speaking on our behalf in the United States.”

Francis A. McMahon, Vice President, Marketing, Production Print Solutions Division of Canon Solutions America

"Canon Solutions America is committed to building a community that strengthens the future of the printing industry.  It is partnerships like the one with Two Sides that helps raise consciousness in our community."

Richard Garneau, President and Chief Executive Officer, Resolute Forest Products

"Resolute is pleased to become an active member of Two Sides. The Paper and broader Forest industries demonstrate their sustainability leadership on a global basis and it is important that we communicate our commitments and achievements."

Kay Du Fernandez, Vice President, Strategic Business Development, Konica Minolta Business Solutions, Inc.

“Konica Minolta views environmental awareness as an integral part of our management philosophy. Our leaders and employees strive to uphold the highest standards of responsible citizenship.  We are excited to join Two Sides in its mission to promote the responsible production and use of print and paper, and dispel common environmental misconceptions about paper to ensure the future of this important industry.”

Mike Herold, Director Inkjet Solutions, RICOH

“We have again been named one of the Global 100 most sustainable companies for the tenth year at the World Economic Forum in Davos. From an inkjet production print perspective, our InfoPrint 5000 platform has been proven to be an energy efficiency leader  and we are constantly on the lookout for the most eco-friendly, sustainable papers and inks that help our customers evolve to remain at the forefront of environmental awareness.  This latest collaboration with Two Sides is yet another step for us towards helping our customers become stronger sustainable corporate citizens.”  

Julie Loyer, Communications and Sustainable Development, Rolland Enterprises Inc. 

“We are proud to produce paper. It is a beautiful, useful, recyclable and renewable tool, and we make it in a sustainable way. It is a pleasure for us to support an organization that explains why people shouldn’t shy away from paper and promotes the strengths and benefits of this great resource.” 

Terry Fyffe, President, Electronic Output Solutions

“Statements and invoices are mandatory touch points that most businesses produce. We joined Two Sides to reach clients who are looking for innovative ways to leverage these touch points to grow their businesses. Whether you engage your clients via paper, secure portal, email, or text message, it’s about offering choices and we give our clients the means to offer those choices.”