What Your Digital Campaign Is Missing, According to Neuroscience


From increased awareness and recall to increased digital ad effectiveness, print advertising still plays a vital role in executing successful campaigns.  

Print ads are better than both online and TV at increasing brand favorability and purchase intent, according to a Millward Brown meta-analysis of nearly 100 ad effectiveness studies. This article by Evan Tarantino outlines three key reasons why print advertising is a worthy investment:

  1. Print ads drive higher awareness and recall (A recent report by the MPA–the Association of Magazine Media summarized a wide body of research about how consumers' brains process paper-based information differently from information transmitted on screens.)
  2. Print increases ad effectiveness across platforms.  Exposure to print and TV in ad campaigns improved consumers' ability to correctly associate the advertised brands with their respective digital advertising messages.
  3. Publishers guarantee that print ads generate increased brand sales and positive ROI.  Last October, the MPA introduced the Print Magazine Sales Guarantee which assures that print advertisers will see increased brand sales and positive ROI for qualified print campaigns, or their money/space back.

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Source: This article by Evan Tarantino appeared on the Adweek website on January 25, 2016.