Two Sides Annual Seminar, September 27, 2016


Please join us for our Annual Seminar at Graph Expo!  We have great speakers lined up including Mary Anne Hansan, Executive Director, Paper and Packaging Board and Martyn Eustace, Managing Director, Print Power Europe Ltd.

Everyone is welcome! Our Annual Seminar will be held on Tuesday, September 27th, 2016, from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon, at the Orange County Convention Center-North in Orlando, Florida (Room N320BC, North Building, Level 3).

10:00-10:05 Introduction (Travis Mlakar, Chairman, Two Sides North America and President, Millcraft Paper Co.)

10:05-10:40 Paper & Packaging - How Life Unfolds™ - Campaign Update (Mary Anne Hansan, Executive Director, Paper and Packaging Board)   

Mary Anne will talk about the progress of the Paper and Packaging – How Life Unfolds™ consumption-building campaign from the manufacturers and importers of paper and paper-based packaging and preliminary plans for 2017. 

10:40-11:15 Promoting the effectiveness and sustainability of Print Media – A global view (Martyn Eustace, Managing Director, Print Power Europe Ltd.)

Martyn will explain how print and paper are being promoted in Europe and, more widely, how the Two Sides campaign is correcting misleading environmental marketing across the world. He will report on the successes and, sometimes, the setbacks!

11:15-11:45 Two Sides North America update and results of latest U.S. consumer perception study (Phil Riebel, President, Two Sides North America, Inc.)

Phil will present the results of a Two Sides consumer perception study related to the environmental and social benefits of paper and print.  Recent Two Sides initiatives and the success of its anti-greenwash campaign will be presented, including the key findings of a white paper “Contrary to popular thinking: going paperless does not save trees”.

11:45-12:00 Two Sides Board of Director Elections


Mary Anne Hansan - Executive Director, Paper and Packaging Board 

Mary Anne is a seasoned veteran of developing a wide range of marketing and communications campaigns for industries including canned tuna, plastics, chemicals and flowers.  She joined the Paper and Packaging Board as its first Executive Director in May 2014 and led the research and agency search that resulted in the launch of the “Paper and Packaging-How Life Unfolds”™ campaign in July, 2014.   This consumption–building campaign is funded by the manufacturers and importers of paper and paper-based packaging usage.  As part of its mission to increase the use of paper and paper-based packaging,  the Paper and Packaging Board partners with Two Sides to address erroneous messaging about paper-based products by corporations in their consumer communications and educate about paper and paper-based packaging’s sustainability story.

Martyn Eustace – Managing Director, Print Power Europe Ltd.

During his long career in the paper industry, Martyn Eustace has gained a wealth of experience having held a variety of senior management positions. After a period in paper manufacturing with Domtar, Martyn moved to distribution as CEO of Howard Smith Paper and then later CEO of Premier Paper.  Martyn is a member of PwCs’ turnaround panel and is Managing Director of Newvizion, an independent marketing consultancy. He is the Director of the sustainability organization Two Sides and the Managing Director of Print Power Europe, an initiative to promote the sustainability and effectiveness of the Graphic Communications Value Chain.  Martyn has been President of the UK Paper Industry Charitable Trust and President of the UK National Association of Paper Merchants (NAPM). He has served on the Board of EUGROPA, the European Paper Merchants Association and is presently a Council member of PRIMA.

Phil Riebel - President, Two Sides North America

Phil has 28 years of International experience acquired in senior management positions related to environmental sustainability in industry and consulting and he has participated in numerous environmental projects related to the forest products industry worldwide. He now leads Two Sides North America, a growing educational non-profit that promotes the sustainability of print and paper.  Prior to Two Sides, Phil was Corporate Vice-President, Environmental Affairs for UPM-Kymmene, a leading global forest products company, where he was overseeing the company’s environmental program and strategy, including sustainable forestry, environmental performance of operations and environmental marketing.  He has published extensively on sustainability and environmental topics related to the forest products sector. Phil received his Bachelor and Master of Science degrees from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Phil also owns 200 acres of sustainably managed forestland.