Top 10 ways well-managed forests and SFI make a world of difference


Great article about the wonderful benefits of our forests from getting kids outside (and away from their electronic devices) to cleaning the air we breathe!

This article originally appeared on the TreeHugger website on April 22, 2015.

The clean air we breathe and water we drink are only part of the story of sustainable forestry. And if you have hiked in a forest or enjoyed the shade of a tree on a city sidewalk you have experienced the benefits of trees and forests first hand.

The Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) is an independent, non-profit organization that aims to make the world a better place by promoting sustainable forest management through standards, research, community building and conservation partnerships. Take a look at some of the projects SFI has supported that help keep our forests and communities healthy and beautiful.

1. Providing places for outdoor adventures

Forests are a place where people of all ages recreate and enjoy the great outdoors. Of the more than 250 million acres of responsibly managed forests certified to the SFI Standard, 90% are available for outdoor recreation including hiking, boating, camping and ecotourism. It’s an area bigger than the amount of forestland in Nova Scotia, Ontario, Texas and Oregon (234,925,262 acres). Get out and enjoy it!

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Source:, April 2015.