Thankful for an Extraordinary Industry


by Gina Tallent, Senior Paper Engineering Student at Western Michigan University

As I am entering my fourth year in the Paper Engineering program at Western Michigan University, I am grateful for the community that I get to be a part of. Pursuing a career in a field that most people do not consider means being a part of a very small, tight knit community. From the moment I entered the program, everyone I talked to offered me a helping hand; faculty, advisors and upperclassmen alike. This generosity has allowed me to get to the place I am at today. Being a member of Ts’ai Lun and TAPPI, as well as a recipient of the Paper Technology Foundation’s scholarships during my time here at WMU has given me more opportunities than I can count. As students, we are constantly given the chance to talk to mentors in the industry and make professional connections that will be priceless in the years to come. There are several events held throughout the year that give us opportunities to network and learn more about the industry and what environment we will be exposed to after graduation. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities given to me by being a part of this industry.