Plenty of Jobs and Scholarships for Paper Engineering Students


At SUNY-ESF, students are likely to graduate with two distinct advantages: Freedom from school debt, and a high-wage job.

With an effective career placement program, opportunities for paid internships, and plenty of support from the Syracuse Pulp and Paper Foundation SPPF, students in the State University of New York (SUNY) Environmental Science and Forestry program are likely to graduate with a good job waiting… and little to no school loan debt. Students in the program receive automatic scholarships, depending on year and grade point average.

The department also runs its own career placement program. During September and October, students can schedule interviews with various companies that recruit on campus. “Over the next three weeks we have ten companies coming in to recruit,” says Dr. Gary Scott, chair of the Department of Paper and Bioprocess Engineering.

Another thing that SUNY-ESF students graduate with: a rewarding career in an industry marked by technological advancement and creative opportunities. Recent graduate Stephen Tramposch says he fell in love with the paper industry as soon as he saw the school’s machinery; he now works as a process engineer for Verso Paper in Maine. “I do an enormous amount of different things,” he said. “I come into work with one thing in mind and end up doing 100 different things.” 

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Source: Press Release from SUNY-ESF, September 29, 2015. Photo: Two Sides North America