National Geographic Magazine Exceeds 100,000 Paid Digital Subscribers Mag's special series on world population was top free iPad app in iTunes

Submitted by: Joan MacKenzie 12/03/2011

Mags special series on world population was top free iPad app in iTunes


National Geographic Magazine topped 100,000 paid digital subscribers this past weekend and the magazine's special series on world population, which was collected into one app called "7 Billion", was the number one free app for iPad in iTunes.

The 7 Billion app was promoted in Apple's new and noteworthy list and generated more than 140,000 downloads since it debuted on October 27. The special app featured a single sponsor in Dupont, which also sponsored the year-long series in print and online.

National Geographic Magazine reached a subscription deal with Apple this past summer. "A subscription model will allow the brand to start addressing some of the audience usage questions coming from internally and from advertisers," National Geographic president of publishing Declan Moore told FOLIO: at the time. "What we're wrestling with at the moment is getting good, accurate tracking information on where people are spending time with the products. When we have a subscription model, we'll have volumes of data. Right now we're dealing with a small data set based on single copy sales, so making inferences is tricky. It's hard to pin down so many different constituent groups. Some just like content they see in the magazine, others like dynamic illustrations and video."