How bad is email for the environment?


It's not black-and-white to say "digital communication is green" and "print communication is not" as both forms of communication have environmental impacts.  A recent article in the Washington Post highlights the environmental implications of electronic communications, noting "there's a whole infrastructure behind every message, which includes not only the electricity you use but also the energy it takes to store and transmit that information through data centers."

Two Sides has a wealth of information on this topic including our recent blog on Printing Impressions, The Carbon Footprint of Email (Is Quite Large!), our fact sheet Digital media has environmental impacts and may not be "greener" than print and paper, as well as a page from our Myths and Facts brochure, The Fact: E-media also has environmental impacts.

To read the full article in the Washington Post, please click here.


Source: Hayley Tsukayama, The Washington Post, January 25, 2017