Free TAPPI Webinar (Feb. 27, 11 am EST): How to deal with misleading environmental claims related to print and paper

Submitted by: Phil Riebel 02/17/2012

TAPPI will be hosting a free webinar on this topic facilitated by Phil Riebel, President and COO of Two Sides U.S., Inc. You must register to attend.

Many corporations are promoting electronic communications (ex: e-billing) as a more environmentally-friendly method of communication, and in doing such they are spreading erroneous facts and messages about print and paper. As a result, the public is being flooded with messages that portray print and paper as a “bad” product with “destructive” environmental impacts relative to other communication methods. This presentation will outline some of the unique environmental and social features of print and paper products which make it a sustainable way of communicating. The (often ignored) environmental and social impacts of electronic communications will also be reviewed, as well as environmental marketing rules and guidelines that companies should respect when making environmental claims (ex: US Federal Trade Commission Green Guides). Print and electronic media will co-exist for many decades and we need to reduce the environmental impacts of both. It’s not a question of one versus the other, but rather which combination is the most sustainable. The initiatives taken by Two Sides to challenge misleading claims will also be presented.

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