Direct mail and flyers remain consumer staples as stores explore digital options


Consumers appreciate direct mail and flyers as they are easier to navigate and more time efficient

According to two recent articles in the Globe and Mail and InkOnDaPaper, direct mail is still popular.  Many major retailers keep printing ad flyers because “Customers love their flyers,” according to David Thorpe, general manager of marketing at B.C.-based London Drugs Ltd.  "To be competitive, you have to have flyers in the marketplace to show customers that you’re there.”  Even with the rise of digital technology, print flyers remain omnipresent, partly because they are easier to navigate and more time efficient.  As many as 98 per cent of Canadians read a paper flyer at some point during a year, while only 70 per cent of Canadians read a digital flyer in a year.

The infographic “Your ROI Is in the Mail” was produced by UnitedMail and includes great data on direct mail such as:

  • 70% to 80% of consumers open almost all of their mail;
  • 79% of consumers will act on direct mail immediately / 45% say the same about email;
  • 25% more money is spent by consumers who receive direct mail and email;
  • 51% of consumers prefer direct mail from local shops.

Read the full articles by following the links below:

Direct mail wins

Paper flyers remain a consumer staple as stores explore digital options

Source: Marina Strauss, The Globe and Mail, September 24, 2015; Jason Shudy, InkOnDaPaper, September 23, 2015; Image: Two Sides North America