Digital Ad Impressions 47 Percent Lower than Print Counterpart

Submitted by: Joan MacKenzie 11/29/2011

New research signifies “the Digital Drop-Off”, per Scout Analytics.


Despite efforts in 2011 for the digital advertisement sector (including premium ad launches by brands like Hearst), audience consumption is still faltering. Down 47 percent when compared to its print counterpart, digital magazines with a circ of 100,000 only garner a total of 155 million advertising impressions. Print magazines with a circ of 100,000 generate 273 million ad impressions, according to Scout Analytics.

“In print, monetizable advertising impressions are calculated based on circulation, pass-along, number of issues and advertisements per issue,” says a Scout news statement. “For digital, the monetizable advertising impressions are calculated based on the ads per page view and the consumptions patterns of the audience as profiled in previous research.”

According to Scout, digital “pass-alongs” (also know as fly-bys, or users that visit a site once a month) make up the minority of page views, representing only 20 percent of total impressions with 25.9 million views. However, this group also makes up a large portion of visitors.

The rest of the sector is broken down by fans (those that visit more than two times a week, contributing 57.6 millions views); regulars (traffic which visits a site 1-2 times a week, representing 43.2 million views); and occasionals (2-3 time monthly visitors, culminating in 43.2 million views).

Not surprisingly, cover-to-cover reading among online viewers “is rare”, says Scout.