Chuck Leavell: Planting Trees When Not With the Stones

Submitted by: Phil Riebel 10/28/2013

via Huffington Post - 25 May 2011

This video from CNN heads to Charlane Plantation in Georgia, where Rolling Stones pianist Chuck Leavell lives out his other passion: nature!

Having planted over one million trees across the 2,300 acres that have been passed down through the family of Leavell's wife Rose, Leavell says, "It puts you back in tune with the earth, which I think is very important." Considering CNN reports that 32 million acres of forest were lost across the world last year for farming and other purposes, Leavell's love for trees has an even greater importance.

Leavell doesn't disagree with cutting down trees as long as they are responsibly harvested, and his work at Charlane Plantation has made him a person sought after for advice on sustainable forestry. Leavell even thinks sustainable tree farms could ween the United States off of its foreign oil dependence by generating fuel for biomass energy.

Most of all, Leavell loves the inspiration he finds from the beauty of nature, and the idea that the trees he plants will be left for generations to come. Talking of his two grandchildren, Leavell says, "The thought of them walking this forest, and hopefully them bringing their grandchildren here to walk around, that's a pretty neat thing to consider."