CCPO Praises Action on Fees for Paper Statements


Toronto, June 3, 2015 – The Canadian Consumers for Paper Options (CCPO) expresses its complete support for the recent action taken to remove unfair fees which cost Canadians millions of dollars every year. “This is a tremendous step forward in protecting Canadian consumers” stated Laura Artibello, President of CCPO. The government’s and opposition’s joint support for the motion to provide a mandatory solution to ban fees for paper bills and statements shows leadership in ensuring consumer choice for Canadians is ensured.

This motion, moved by Mr. Andrew Cash, Member of Parliament for Davenport, and supported by all parties in the House of Commons, calls on the government to ban all pay-to-pay practices by banks operating in Canada through the enactment of a mandatory financial code of conduct. The motion passed by a margin of 274-1 on Tuesday, June 2, 2015.

This action comes just weeks after representatives from CCPO were in Ottawa advocating for a mandatory solution to these fees in the banking sector. “The CCPO, and its members, now call on the government to implement legislative or regulatory action to ensure the spirit of this motion is in place as quickly as possible” Artibello stated.

CCPO is an alliance of companies and organizations who work to represent the interest of those in paper-related industries and to preserve the option of receiving paper-based communications for Canadians.

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Source: Canadian Consumers for Paper Options, June 3, 2015