Book Manufacturers' Institute Joins Two Sides

Submitted by: Pamela Watters 08/07/2014

Two Sides North America Press Release

CHICAGO (August 7, 2014) – The Book Manufacturers’ Institute (BMI) has joined Two Sides North America, the non-profit organization that promotes and encourages the responsible production, use and sustainability of print and paper.

“Books are a perfect example of the social value of print and paper.  Where would our society be without them?  As an organization focused on promoting the social and environmental benefits of print and paper, Two Sides is very pleased to welcome the Book Manufacturers’ Institute as an Allied Organization and we look forward to working with them,” says Two Sides North America President Phil Riebel.

“BMI member companies produce over 85% of the books manufactured in the United States. BMI has been committed for 81 years to support the responsible use of our natural resources in the manufacturing of books. We support the efforts of Two Sides in achieving their goals relative to the use and promotion of the sustainability of print and paper,” says Jac B. Garner, President, BMI.

About Book Manufacturers’ Institute (BMI)

Since 1933 BMI has provided value to its member companies and to other book industry professionals.  Our member companies represent every facet of our industry, and produce the great majority of books ordered by the U.S. book publishing industry.  Our member companies range from full service book manufacturers to companies that specialize in the digital print market, specialty binderies, component printers, packagers,  equipment manufacturers, and suppliers of a variety of materials and services.  We promote readership and literacy and we offer unparalleled networking opportunities. For more information please visit our website at

About Two Sides

Two Sides is an independent, non-profit organization created to promote the responsible production, use and sustainability of print and paper.  Two Sides is active globally in North America, Europe, Australia, South Africa and Brazil.  Our members span the entire print and paper value chain, including forestry, pulp, paper, inks and chemicals, pre-press, press, finishing, publishing, printing, envelopes and postal operators.  For more information about Two Sides North America, please contact Phil Riebel at 1-855-896-7433 or, or visit the Two Sides website at