31 Percent of Delivered Digital Ads Not Seen By Consumers

Submitted by: Joan MacKenzie 01/29/2012

New comScore study defines fault in digital ad consumption model.

January 19, 2012


In a new study undertaken by comScore to support the release of a new digital ad measurement solution, the company found that 31 percent of ads are delivered, but not seen by consumers. The vCE (short for Validated Campaign Essentials) Charter Study, which focused on 12 national brands like Allstate, Chrystler and Ford, finds “in many cases, ads are delivered but not in-view or on target and therefore never had a chance to make an impact”.

“The display advertising market today is characterized by an overabundance of inventory, often residing on parts of a web page that are never viewed by the user. This dilutes the impact of campaigns for advertisers and represents a drag on prices to publishers,” says comScore president and CEO Dr. Magid Abraham in a company statement. “Conversely, some ads below the fold are quite visible and deserve more credit.”

The Charter Study found that 69 percent of ad impressions were considered “in-view” (requiring at least 50 percent of the ad to be visible by consumers for at least one second). The remaining 31 percent were delivered, “but never seen by a consumer”, due to slow load times or scrolling behaviors.

The vCE Study also found that many ads ran in markets where the featured product was not sold, losing precious ad spend dollars.

A whopping 72 percent of surveyed campaigns had “at least some” advertisements running against content considered “not brand safe”. comScore equates this to content found objectionable by the advertiser, which may potentially derail carefully constructed brand image.

In an attempt to improve these percentages, comScore launches Validated Campaign Essentials. Dubbed vCE, the measurement solution aims to ensure and validate digital ad delivery. 

The measurement tool offers “a holistic view of campaign delivery and a verified assessment of ad-posed audiences” from a sole third-party source, as well as an unduplicated tally of campaign impressions. Results will find if advertising is delivered in-view and to the target geography; vCE will also track if the advertising’s environment can be considered brand-safe and if the ad is absent of fraudulent delivery.

The Charter Study surveyed 3,000 ad placements, 381,000 site domains and 1.7 billion ad impressions across the 12 participating brands.