Coupons #2 Most Read Newspaper Section

Submitted by: Joan MacKenzie 04/05/2012

A recently released study by The Media Audit, a multimedia, qualitative audience survey conducted in 80+ local U.S. markets, reveals the Sunday newspaper ad inserts remain a sought out feature with consumers.

January, 2012- A new study by The Media Audit reveals the continued popularity that Sunday ad inserts have with consumers. According to the national study, Sunday advertising inserts are the second most read section of a daily newspaper, behind the front page section. Among all U.S. consumers, 29.6% regularly read the Sunday ad inserts, a figure that represents more than 43 million consumers across The Media Audit's 80 measured markets. 

While newspaper circulation figures have declined steadily over the years, there has been a proliferation of "deal of the day" websites offering discounted gift certificates or discounts at local or national companies. Many daily newspapers have followed suit, providing their own versions of couponing websites and email offers.

As FYI reported back in February, the more affluent and well educated are utilizing coupons at a higher rate, contradicting what most would assume the typical user might look like. The analysis among regular readers of Sunday ad inserts revealed similar findings.

Those consumers earning below $25,000 in household income were 11% less likely to regularly read Sunday ad inserts, while those earning greater than $50,000 were 4% more likely to read Sunday ad inserts. Furthermore, those consumers with a college degree were 4% more likely to read Sunday ad inserts, while those with a high school education were 37% less likely.

However, as with all coupon users, regular readers of Sunday ad inserts are more likely to be older. According to the report, Sunday ad inserts are particularly appealing to "Affluent Empty Nesters" and "Graying Affluents". Among those consumers earning $50,000 or more, with no children, and 45 years or older, 35.9% are regular readers of Sunday ad inserts. Among the "Graying Affluent" audience - those consumers 50 years or older with a household income of $50,000 or more, 36.4% are regular readers of the Sunday ad inserts. For more information on coupon usage, or Sunday ad inserts, contact The Media Audit.