Print and Paper: The Facts

Print and paper is a highly sustainable form of communication in today’s digital society. Despite this, there are still misconceptions that it is wasteful, detrimental to the environment and responsible for deforestation. More worrying is the misunderstanding that digital communication is more environmentally friendly, which is not always the case.

To address these misconceptions, and to better inform and educate consumers, businesses and the public at large, Two Sides has published a series of  fact sheets to address a wide array of environmental and social issues. These comprehensive fact sheets cover the most common areas of misunderstanding, ranging from the real environmental impact of electronic communication, to the sustainability of paper-based printed products, as well as tackling the important role that print and paper plays in literacy and learning.

Two Sides members can co-brand the updated fact sheets, creating a powerful addition to their own sustainability materials. For more information, please contact us.

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Paper or Digital? Consumer Choice is Being Removed by Corporations (NEW)

Teacher Resources Related to Paper, Forest Products and the Environment

Forest certification systems are effective tools to demonstrate sustainable forestry 

Paper is one of the most recycled products in the world

Recycled fiber and wood fiber from well managed forests are both essential to sustain the paper life cycle

Much of the energy used for papermaking is renewable and the carbon footprint is surprisingly low

Digital media has environmental impacts and may not be "greener" than print and paper

Paper is one  of the few truly sustainable products

Paper production supports sustainable forest management

Print and paper play a key role in learning and literacy

Wood-based paper and agricultural fiber-based paper can be equally sustainable

Why challenge anti-paper environmental claims?

Are "go green - go paperless" claims supported by sound and verifiable evidence?


Fact sheets in French - Les faits en français

Les systèmes de certification forestière sont des outils efficaces pour démontrer une exploitation forestière durable

Le papier issu du bois et le papier issu de fibres agricoles peuvent être tout aussi durables

Le papier, l'un des quelques produits véritablement durables