Member Questions

How were the Two Sides Principles developed?

The Two Sides Principles were developed by the Sustainability Committee to address common areas of commitment where members can measure, manage and reduce their environmental impact.

What makes this initiative different from others?

Two Sides draws its membership from all sectors of the Graphic Communications Industry, and our members believe in and are committed to the Two Sides Principles. Two Sides vigorously promotes the sustainability of print and paper and refutes erroneous and misleading environmental information with accurate, verifiable information that reflects our industry's sustainable business practices.

How is Two Sides North America organized?

Two Sides North America is a non-profit organization (501(c)6). The Two Sides Board of Directors provides overall governance and is supported by the Sustainability and Marketing Committees.  The Sustainability Committee is responsible for developing the Two Sides message and content of our various materials.  The Marketing Committee is responsible for developing and implementing an annual marketing and communications plan.  The Board and Committees include representatives from member companies spanning the entire Graphic Communications Industry.

Any member can apply to join the committees by contacting the Board or contacting the President. The Committees are restricted to a manageable number, and there are a limited number of seats for each sector of the Graphic Communications Industry to ensure adequate cross-sectoral representation.

How will Two Sides ensure the transparency of its activities?

Two Sides will publish a publicly available annual progress report on its activities as well as information on its accounts and membership. In addition, Two Sides publishes a regular newsletter for members and interested parties.

How will Two Sides fit with existing industry standards and initiatives?

While there are many successful standards and initiatives that encourage sustainability, Two Sides was created specifically to engage the entire Graphic Communications Industry in promoting the industry's sustainability. Our intent is not to compete with other standards and initiatives, but to give the Graphic Communications Industry a single, unified voice in telling our sustainability story. We are committed to vigorously responding to inaccurate and misleading information about the sustainability of print and paper. By refuting unsubstantiated claims and by providing a wealth of balanced, verifiable resources to help our members, Two Sides aims to inspire confidence that print on paper can be a truly sustainable communications medium.

What is Two Sides legal status?

Two Sides North America operates as an industry association under IRS Statute 501(c)6 and takes all necessary steps to ensure that its activities comply with applicable competition rules.  Two Sides North America has adopted an Anti-trust Compliance Policy which seeks to ensure that all members are aware of their competition law obligations and at all times act in accordance with all applicable competition rules.

Who can become a member?

Any organization involved in the Graphic Communications Industry who adopts and implements, and if requested can show compliance with, the Two Sides Principles, may become a Two Sides member. Membership eligibility is determined by the President of Two Sides North America. If membership is refused, an applicant may appeal to the Two Sides North America Board of Directors. All membership decisions are at the Board's sole discretion and will be deemed final.